With Feeling.

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We, on an individual and collective level, are drawn to explore everything from faraway lands and peaks of staggering elevation to the raw materials with which we construct our worlds, right down to the inner recesses of our own minds. Why then, should this innate proclivity for the delicacy of experience not extend to the physical form? To human relationships? To the sensations of pleasure and the many waves in which it comes? Is Porn then not an extension of this quest for the outer limits? Porn is a digital container to explore what can unfold when all things between consenting adults are possible. Not only what is possible physically, but also what is possible mentally, emotionally, visually, audibly – weaving a fantasy through the senses, or perhaps even embarking on an adventure.

In the book “Designer Relationships”, there is a quote that perfectly encapsulates this calling for me.

“Ultimately, being a sexual adventurer means living authentically and having the opportunity to experience what the more conventional among us will never know. Skilled sexual adventurers are like mountaineers, […] finding new routes to the high peaks of pleasure.”

I started performing in mainstream porn as a way to explore and express my sexuality, among other things, and since I’ve transitioned into predominantly producing my own content it’s also become a journey of finding my creative voice and visual language. Drawing on my background in theatrical arts, my love of sharpening detail-oriented technical skills, and my wild lexicon of experience and imagination, porn is the perfect medium through which I can integrate all parts of myself into one holistic expression of my creative and sexual energy, which I believe are one and the same. My creativity comes from a desire to bring into material existence stories and visuals through my specific lens and unique perspective on sexuality, relationships, and humanity, and the intricate complexities of all three – the nuances that often get thrown to the wayside, particularly by mainstream production companies, in the interest of churning out algorithmically friendly content. While I think many of us struggle to find a balance between creating what makes our hearts sing and creating what pays our bills, ultimately I don’t want to make content for an algorithm or a faceless avatar – I make content for other human beings. My work is a celebration of the beauty of the human form in its most ecstatic and vulnerable state. After all, the nature of art is to make people feel, and what arouses feeling with more immediacy than the most vulnerable and instinctual of intimate expression – sex?

Maslow’s Hierarchy places Sex firmly in the “needs” category, right alongside food and shelter. Yet we do not stop at 4 corners and a roof. We are not satisfied with meat roasting on a spit, delicious though it may be in its simplicity. Sex and porn are the product of a prehistoric drive, not only to explore, but to create. Thus, I infuse everything I do with creativity and feeling – anything less would be a disservice to my fellow human being.

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