Golden Hour Cumplay

I love teasing you in the backyard…it makes me so excited knowing that our neighbors could see us at any moment. I begin teasing you and slowly taking off my bra to show you my all natural tits… I rub your cock through your shorts and I can feel how hard you’re getting for me. Knowing I arouse you turns me tf on. I pull your dick out and slowly start sucking on the tip. It’s not long before I’m slobbering and spitting all over you, hungry for more. I shove my mouth all the way to the base of your dick, the tip sliding past the back of my throat as deep as it can go. You’re getting closer to cumming and I can’t wait to feel your load all over me, covered in your seed mixed with my spit…I beg you to cum for me and suck all of it into my mouth, holding it on my tongue before lying back and drooling all over my tits and slide down to my stomach. I’m covered spit and cum, absolutely filthy and depraved and craving more….I love the feeling of being covered in our fluids.

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