Sloppy Holiday Head


After my man’s work holiday party I’m not ready to call it a night… I climb on top of him and start kissing and teasing him as he grabs my cheeks and plays with my asshole. I turn around and throw my leg over him so he can get a better angle to tease my clit and finger my pussy as my ass bounces on his hand. I turn all the way around and slobber on his balls first, covering them in saliva and sucking them gently into my mouth until they’re nice and wet. I move on to his shaft and can’t get it down my throat fast enough, bobbing my head, spitting, deep throating, gagging…I’m so horny from dancing on him at the party and I’ve been waiting to get his cock in my mouth for HOURS now. The whole time this is happening he’s eating my pussy and asshole from behind which makes it even more hot as you hear my moans and see the pleasure on my face. I deep throat him nice and long and hard before switching up the speed a few times and making him cum all over my pretty face. I rub it in and suck it off my fingers, clearly cumdrunk and happy. The perfect way to end the festivities!

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